Monday, July 25th

11am to 2pm: Panels & Lunch

Kimmel Center
300 South Broad Street, Philadelphia PA 19102


The program will include two panels and a featured keynote speaker. Lunch will be served.


Panel descriptions are subject to change and will evolve with the final composition of the panels.


Building on the legacy of President Bill Clinton, President Barack Obama staked out positions on standards and accountability, public school choice, and innovation that challenged party orthodoxy on improving our public education system. What happens with Democrats and education reform in a post-Obama world? Which Obama initiatives should the next Administration continue and which should it jettison or modify? What is the optimal federal role, particularly as ESSA has driven many decisions to the state and local level? What are some of the greatest opportunities and challenges over the next four years?


While, as school reformers, we believe deeply that much more must be done at the school level to improve outcomes for students, we also recognize that education and life outcomes for children are affected by other social, economic, and cultural conditions, ranging from poverty, to housing insecurity, to environmental conditions, among others. This panel will feature national leaders presenting their ideas about how, over the next decade, we can best support and bring together local communities including stakeholders from the judiciary and law enforcement; health and social services; and, faith-based organizations, to bring about conditions that most favorably enable our children to reach their full potential.

9pm to 1am: Reception

The University of the Arts
320 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102


Featured DJ D’NICE
Featured speakers: To be announced soon.